Arabidopsis Natural Accession Tool

The Arabidopsis Natural Accession Tool interface was developed for Arabidopsis community to provide access to all fingerprinting data obtained on natural accessions managed at the Versailles Arabidopsis thaliana Stock Centre at INRA Versailles, France.
ANATool is a simple, readily accessible and fast (only DNA fragments need to be sequenced) tool for confirming the identity of accessions at any laboratory working on Arabidopsis.
This interface is fully described in : Simon et al. DNA fingerprinting and new tools for fine-scale discrimination of Arabidopsis thaliana accessions. Plant J. 2012 Mar;69(6):1094-101.

From the ANATool interface, four types of queries can be submitted to
-- (1) find the fingerprint of a given accession
-- (2) find genotypes from a selection of accessions and markers
-- (3) find accessions from a selection of markers and genotypes
-- (4) find the minimal marker set required to distinguish among a set of given accessions.
-- An optimized SNP set is also available to quickly fingerprint natural accessions of Arabidopsis.

Details on data used (updated in february 2013)

Files available for download (updated in february 2013)

The development of ANATool was funded by INRA and by the French national biomedical, biological and agricultural research infrastructures network GIS-IBiSA.


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